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Validate Transaction


With this service you can request an update about your transactions status every time you want from your website. helloPay responses immediately after your request.

API Call


This time you don’t need to collect informations before doing the api call. You just can include it in the execution of the api call (transaction ID).

$response = $helloPay->getTransactionEvents([
  'transactionId' => 'AAEAAADoKU64B4vFjGlvSaHCD5aS8uJLYVbAPx5IISa_K6jTpTroTRsK',
  'transactionType' => 'Purchase'
$response = $helloPay->getTransactionEvents([
  'transactionId' => '',
  'transactionType' => 'Purchase'


Transaction ID

The Transaction ID is just the Purchase Id, that you got in the ‘Create a Purchase’ response.

Transaction Type

You don’t need to change it, “Purchase” it perfectly fine as the transaction type. It’s included in the api call, because helloPay differs between “Purchase” (a checkout transaction) and “Payment” (when a customer makes a top up on helloPay).

API Response

After you made the api call, this is how to make use of the response from helloPay.



Get Last Status

It is string with the latest status of your transaction. There are 4 characteristics it can show:

1. Created
2. Committed
3. Completed
4. Cancelled