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Partial Refund


If you don’t want to cancel the whole transaction, but to refund a part of the paid amount, you can use the ‘Partial Refund’ feature. This feature just needs a little more information than cancelling a transaction, but it’s still as easy to implement.

The information you need to collect


Like for creating a purchase, you need to collect some data and save them in a variable to use this function, but this time it’s only about 5 parameters.They are all mandatory this time, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to provide them.

$data = array(
  'purchaseId' => 'AAEAAADoKU6421HOOB_aPVn34sGc1cwHIikItYez4BicVrRe15YHGF4f',
  'refundAmount' => '1',
  'merchantReferenceId' => '1444643320',
  'refundCurrency' => 'SGD',
  'description' => '[your company name] refund'
$data = array(
  'purchaseId' => '',
  'refundAmount' => '',
  'merchantReferenceId' => '',
  'refundCurrency' => '',
  'description' => ''


Purchase ID

It is the ID you got in the response for creating a purchase.

Refund Amount

The amount of money you want to refund.

Merchant Reference ID

This is just the ID, you gave the purchase in your system (you also provided it for creating a purchase).

Refund Currency

This should be the same currency you used for creating the purchase!


Just a short description of this api call. It’s enough to just call it “[your company name] refund”.

API Call

This command executes the api call with the data, you saved in $data, and saves the response in $response.

$response = $helloPay->refundAmount($data);